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Kaneg HunterDOGs Motorcycle Accessory Specials
« Reply #1 on: 23 Feb 2007, 01:14 PM »
If you have been wanting to get those essential motorcycle racing related accessories but don't know where to find them for the right price it's here: (28Kb)

Yep, Pete & Joy set up Kaneg Motorcycle accessories a while back and have got some really good gear which they are prepared to sell to our club members for significant discounts as per the above price sheet :-*.

I suspect the stands will be a popular item, if you've always wanted one but figured they were too expensive - well at the discount price of $85ea front / rear they are not any more ;D, see here for further details:

There are also well priced knee sliders for looking cool on the Old Rd ;), or for wearing out at the track :o. Plus some exceptional digital tyre warmers for Ducatisti that really want to nail that first roundabout on the way to work ::)!!!

They also have frame sliders and swing arm spools, but not currently for Ducatis (except Monsters). I have tried to get Oggy knobs before myself without success, basically they don't have an easy way of mounting these to get around cutting the fairing and there is nowhere on the swingarm to bolt to. I have made a couple of suggestions as to how this might be done and Kaneg are looking into it some more.
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