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What your head is not...


Yes I like rabbits too and I'm happy to share any info you like with headstart and or the team leaders at the pcyc's I speak at to possibly get you a paid job out of it if you like mate?

Thanks Scottie,

"Moki" (driving simulator) is some time off before being a "to go" proposition. What I am really building is 'ol #1. I already have a much better design worked out, but this one will serve very well to prove all the concepts. There will be no need to hire it out, as such, as I intend to build centres of about 15 seats each, maybe more, and scatter them round the countryside. So access is generally going to be pretty good. Starting with a Newcastle centre of course. Which, in time, I intend to develop into a full blown safety research centre of excellence with very much a "keep it real" mantra. I should add "and highly relevant and useful" to that, given the podgy pointless research I have seen coming out of many others working in the field.

What you are demonstrating is that there are many applications beyond the basic intention to put people in scary situations and have them learn and make different choices going forward. Once the tool is proven, I am expecting to get inundated with these "other applications", and have a few ideas of my own. But honestly, I think we are talking 2020 before this stuff is all clearly visible. Let's see what rabbits I can pull out of this hat. It is a complicated and diverse problem set to be worked through, but I'm up for it...!

that video along with our personal stories ive seen it work showing the kids and traffic offenders what can happen when or if they have an accident and ive personally made 3 ladies ive seen and met at these talks that you're all welcome to come along to so you can watch me standing up while telling my story then answering questions made by those paying to be there for their court cases, im highly impressed by what you have constructed here mate and it might be something that Headstart may hire out to take to the RYDA talks possibly if it can fit on a trailer or maybe one modified for it to be towed to something covered in hunter dogs or Ducati stickers our king wally might help us out with i would love to try to hook you up with to get you paid for all of your efforts, work & support you've given me and our group too!!!

That's a pretty good effort at getting the message across Scottie - does it sink in do you think?

Not sure if I have I mentioned my own efforts to get a few key messages to sink in? I'm not trying to solve the "only got one head" problem via the earlier requested 1098 powered wheelchair, but building this instead: It is a bit of a job to do still, but I've made a lot of progress...

Please watch & share this short video designed by my community education team to show how easy it is to get one and we play this at the start of our talks to traffic offenders talks to people trying to get their licenses back and at RYDA {Rotary youth Driver Awareness} talks to children about to get their first licenses and my injuries from my 1st and only accident car, truck & motorbike will last me until i die


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