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DOC NSW 40th Birthday Track day Eastern Ck Sun 18th Dec 2016


(sent out as an announced topic to all)
Hey Charger,

Yep, back when THAT ad was popular (, a bunch of Ducati fans in Sydney formed a Ducati specialist motorcycle club. Now I haven't gone back to read the history in detail, but the important bit is they are celebrating the event 40 years later on Sun 18th December at Eastern Ck with a good 'ol fang round the track, and have bunged on a bunch of bona fidé Ducati specialists to give you some good tips and ACTUAL HELP setting up your suspension / whatever so you have an even better time than just serious throttle stop action can provide. Plus legends like Troy Bayliss, Mike Jones and the guys from Stay Upright are hanging around to cheer you on (and keep you on) with their miscellaneous guidance and pointers.

So 40 years ago those guys ('n gals?) gave themselves a Christmas present of a shiny new club to meet up with all their fellow like minded Ducati riders. Back then, at least part of the excuse was because they had to - it was the only way knowledge about keeping those ever-present electrical gremlins out could be garnered without totally doing yourself in. But these days the bikes are brilliant, so the only reason to get together is to share the fun and thrills of ownership and good times by all.

So, looking for a Christmas present to you? Buy yourself one of these on Sunday 18/12/16, I just did!: . I know it is the weekend before Christmas, but this is a pretty good excuse to get totally out of those last minute crisis activities (that really aren't!) and just have a good day, don't you think?

For those that haven't been to the track before honestly it is much easier than you would think. Seems a bit scary at first but that doesn't last long, for anyone. You rapidly find out everyone else is thinking the same so it quickly becomes all OK, then lotsa fun!!! If you click on the link on the bottom of this email you can see the flyer and details of the booking state. There aren't many spots left right now, but I think you will find the top group (reds) will get deleted and a second group of Greens formed (which anyone that can do the top of the Putty at the speed limit, or thereabouts, will be fine in). At least I am about to go suggest it as other days around the date have sold nothing but this one is nearly fully subscribed. All Ducati's I'll bet, what a great day.

For anyone that has forgotten / would like to get out riding in the sunshine on the long weekend (weather forecasts are brilliant), see the info re Henry Lawson Festival of Poetry here: So far it is two couples going - and the other is on a Triumph (oh dear... guess I'll just have to watch out for oil leaks). We are leaving this Friday coming (10th June) and even have planned out a gluten free trip to suit one of the participants. Read the program here and see what you're missing out on... or reply and let me know if you want to join in! Either way its all good.

Wishing you an early Happy Christmas - your job to make it so!!! ….Vince



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